Benefits of the Toilet Riser

As we get older, we're often forced to do things that we never saw ourselves doing. One of those things is living with a parent. Let's face it. Our parents get old, and when they do, they require special care. You wouldn't dare make your dad go live in a nursing home when you have a perfectly good extra bedroom for him. Since your dad is elderly, there are some additions that you might need to make to the house, such as having extra medical supplies on hand, and installing a railing in one of the bathroom showers. One of the best, least expensive and most convenient additions you can do is installing a toilet riser.

What on Earth is a toilet riser? It's actually a device that can raise your toilet seat up to three and a half inches. It has so many great benefits that you'll want to install one as soon as you finish reading.

Perhaps the best thing about the appliance is that it can be used by the whole family, and not just your dad. Your wife and kids won't have to avoid using the extra bathroom because anyone can use the device.

It's also easy on the eyes. You don't have to put an out-of-order sign on that bathroom door just because there's a toilet riser inside. It's not ugly, and it’s just a plain, white addition to your toilet. It can even be painted if your toilet isn’t white.

Additionally, it's easy to install. You don't have to call a plumber. You also won't need to replace your current toilet because the device will fit round and elongated toilets.

Moreover, this bathroom gadget takes all of the concerns you have about getting a raised toilet seat and it eliminates each and every one of them. Some toilet risers are unattractive and embarrassing but this one isn't. Some of them are not stable and people who use them can fall, however this version of the traditional raised toilet seat is completely steady.

As was mentioned above, the toilet riser is very easy to install. You can call a plumber if you're more comfortable with that, but you absolutely do not need to. It comes with any and all of the supplies you need to install it. When you open up your package, just make sure that all of the supplies are there.


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