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Tunica, Mississippi.
Dont Make Plans in Tunica Before Studying Tunica, Mississippi Jobs

Are you thinking of moving to Tunica, Mississippi? This is a town found near the Mississippi River. It was formerly associated with poverty, especially in the 80s and 90s. However, in the new century it has been cleaned up and infused with urban intensity. This former “Sugar Ditch Alley” now is one of the most promising gambling resort areas anywhere in the nation. It welcomes visitors from all over the southeast, from as far as Tennessee and Arkansas.

There are approximately 1,200 residents living the area along with over 530 households. The majority of the population is white, though there is a healthy number of African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans. The town has a varied demographic, with a slight majority of people currently 45-64 years of age. The median average income is $26,607.

It is believed that nearly 10,000 Mississippi residents are employed by these casinos. Since this region is currently the third largest gaming district in the U.S., naturally gambling is one of Tunica and Mississippi’s staples of economy. The growth of the casinos had led to a general growth of business, including new opportunities in Tunica jobs. You don’t have to work for the casinos. The success of the casinos has opened up various jobs and markets that weren’t previously there.

Tunica schools are handled by the Tunica County School District. Schools of attendance include the Rosa Fort High School (for grades 9-12), the Tunica Middle School (for grades 6-8) and three elementary schools: Dundee, Robinsonville and Tunica. It also holds the private Tunica Academy.

What about Tunica weather? If you travel during the summer season, then you are going to be hot, as most Mississippi cities bring temperatures upwards of 80 or 90 degrees. In the winter season, temperatures stay around the 40's. July is the warmest month of the year. The average temperature in the month of January is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer months, temperature variations are moderate. The annual precipitation averages less than 60 inches a year. Rain falls over the city all year round, though the wettest month tends to be May.

The community of Tunica is indeed a special town that has a fascinating history. The town is certainly an amazing success story, going from poverty-stricken town to casino hotspot to growing family community in all less than a couple of decades! Come see what the fuss is about for your next vacation.

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