Disposable Diapers Thanks To CHUX

Disposable Diapers Thanks To CHUX

In the past, all of the diapers that a person had access to were the cloth diapers. These diapers were messy, leaked, were difficult to keep on an individual and they were difficult to clean. While these diapers were primarily used for babies, larger versions of these diapers were used by mature adults with problems with incontinence. With all of these problems with the cloth diaper, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a better option. Enter Proctor and Gamble and the CHUX diaper to revolutionize the diaper industry.

Proctor and Gamble is a huge company that creates products to fill the needs of the general public. This includes detergents, deodorants, and even the diaper. These products are created with the assistance of engineers, chemists and a large public testing field. The company takes a problem or an outdated product and then works to create a new answer to the problems. These new answers are often trend setters, ad the CHUX product proved that point.

The CHUX diaper was the very first of the disposable diapers that was readily available. It was a top product in medical news at the time because it eliminated the potential of infections caused by exposure of E. coli through the improper washing of baby diapers. Because the old diapers were made from cloth, if the diaper was not washed in bleach and very hot water, the diaper could easily remain infested with fecal matter and expose the baby to the potentially deadly bacteria. With the creation of the disposable diaper, the cleaning practices could be discontinued and the diapers could be thrown out rather than cleaned, creating a healthier environment for the baby.

The success of the CHUX diaper spurred on the creation of other disposable diapers, including larger diapers for the adult population. These diapers were expanded into a large variety of brands and store brand names. These diapers were also created by other companies, featuring differences from the original diaper that kept it from becoming a copyright violation. These diapers were the answer to a problem that the public readily accepted and with this success became the abundance of affordable diapers for everyone. These diapers were soon featuring different scents, different colors and organic materials. There are now even diapers that are completely biodegradable and have the feel of cloth coupled with the convenience of the disposable diapers.

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