Tunica Emergency Information

Emergency services at the ready in Tunica, Mississippi.
Where to Find Tunica Emergency Contact Information

Bad things sometimes happen to good people even in a place as fun and exciting as Tunica, Mississippi. Though this is not a high-crime rate area (nor is there much auto traffic for that matter), there can still be altercations that could result in a medical injury, fire or automobile collision. Don’t worry-help is on the way. In a town with just over 1,000 people, help from local officials is never too far away. Though Tunica County holds 10,000 residents, the town of Tunica-where most of the casino action is-is relatively small.

The main office of the county is located in Tunica, MS right on South Court Street. Other departments of interest include the Tunica County Chamber of Commerce and the Parks and Recreation Department. The Tunica Police Department is found at 1196 Edwards Avenue, Tunica, MS while the Tunica County Administration is found at 5126 Old Moonlanding Road, Tunica, MS. The Tunica Fire Department is found at 909 River Road, Tunica, MS 38676.

There are seven major points for Tunica Hospital and medical care. Some of the most important buildings include the Helena Regional Medical Center, the Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto, the Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, the Methodist University Hospital, the North Oak Regional Hospital, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center. There are two ambulances within the area: Pafford EMS and Rural Metro, both on U.S. Highway 61. The actual Tunica County Hospital is found on Highway 61 N in Tunica, MS 38676.

There are few walking streets in this small town. (When the casinos were first built, road improvements prevented problems with traffic.) The casinos are the dominant feature here, apart from a few prospering businesses nearby. Hence, there is not as much street crime as you might normally predict for a gambling city. Aside from the large sheriff’s department (consisting of over 200 deputies), there is also tight security that governs the casino area. With the protection of both casino authorities and police, visitors can walk around the scene with confidence.

If you are in need of help do no hesitate to contact Tunica emergency information. Details for the Tunica Police Department, Fire Department and Tunica Hospital, along with other medical centers are available via phone, online or through public listing. This is a city that has experienced hardship (particularly in the 80s and 90s) and has bounced back. Thanks to the casinos and a family-friendly atmosphere, the town is now thriving with activity!

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