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Whats the Tunica Employment Situation?

Are you considering going to Tunica, MS? No, not for a gambling vacation but for a permanent life change? Before we consider the feasibility of relocating to this quaint town, it’s time to consider the economic scene of Tunica. We’re not speaking of Tunica, the County (which holds some 10,000 people) but Tunica the town. Of course, separating the town from the county is a complicated discussion in and of itself. Everything in Tunica is alive for one reason: the casinos!

Tunica County and Tunica, MS were nothing before the casinos arrived. Tunica was actually considered one of the poorest areas in the entire U.S.! The influx of casinos helped the town to progress into a fully-fledged community. Now there are schools, businesses, hospitals and apartments all over the place! Most of these properties are all concentrated in one area: in and around the casino strip.

Are there jobs in Tunica, MS? Yes, but it will be impressive if you land a job outside the casinos. It is believed that upwards of 10,000 people in the nearby area earn their living directly or indirectly from the casino business. Yes, there are a variety of other jobs in Tunica, MS, but most open positions will be directly hired by casino owners. You may be able to find some positions in agricultural fields, arts and entertainment (probably relating to the casino in some way), public administration, construction and motor vehicle dealers. You see a pattern here? Of course, all of this business is resulting from the huge influx of casino-goers, as well as new recession-challenged residents that are hoping to take advantage of the town’s huge income. There are about 15 million visitors to these casinos every year!

The most common job field for men in Tunica employment is in sales and farm management. For women, the top jobs were in secretarial fields and management. The town itself is relatively small (about .71 square miles) and the majority of “town” is around the casino strip. In fact, there is not an abundance of roads within the area outside of the major streets. There are no walking streets in town. Most of the heavy driving or walking you do will be towards Memphis or Robinsonville.

There are a variety of career fields available in Tunica, MS and the surrounding Tunica County area. Take advantage of this town’s enormous growth! You don’t have to gamble to get rich in Tunica.

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