Familiarize Yourself With Massage Supplies

Massage therapy can be simple and quick or an elaborate and lengthy process but either way a massage cannot be given until a therapist has the correct amount of massage therapy supplies at their disposal and are also in possession of an understanding of exactly how to use these kinds of health resource. These can be either ones which are only ever used in places such as a spa or wellness center or portable so that they can be used almost anywhere. A therapist usually has a number of types of equipment which fall into categories such as music; books; videos; charts and anatomical supplies; clothing; hot and cold therapies; massage tools; massage table accessories; oils, creams and lotions; marketing tools; massage tables, chairs or mats; and aromatherapy.

Music is often used in order to enhance the experience of a massage by soothing and calming the mind and the senses.

Books are used in order to give a therapist valuable information on techniques, as well as to give answers to clients about any questions which they may have regarding the massage process. It is recommended for all massage therapists to build up a library of such books for both purposes.
Videos are used in order to give a therapist valuable instructional information and can also serve as visual aids to be able to refresh on certain techniques.

Charts and anatomical supplies are displays which give education to patients and therapists alike when it comes to understanding the human body and its skeletal and muscular functions, as well as how massage therapy is able to provide relief. There are a number of products to choose from including the likes of anatomy charts, trigger point charts, reflexology charts, skeletons, and posters.

Anatomy charts are charts which cite points of reference in relation to skeletal and muscular functions and their locations on the human body. Trigger point charts are charts which cite specific patterns of pain in a certain area as well as their corresponding trigger points throughout the human body. Reflexology charts are charts which cite the gland and organ reflexes in the feet and the hands.

Skeletons are skeletal models of the body which are used in order to understand where various muscles, nerves and bones connect in the body. Posters are wall displays which bring attention to particular reference points in massage therapies and massage information. 


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