Finding the Best Paintball Supplies

Finding the best paintball supplies is a challenge for the novice paintball enthusiast. Of course, you could just surf the Internet for a supplier and hope for the best. Obviously, this is not the best way to go. It is wise to discuss this matter with members of your team. One or more of the veterans can likely point you in the right direction.

Naturally, a dealer that offers quality paintball supplies at an affordable price is the way to go. You will want a supplier who offers the top brands like Dye, AirSoft, and Tippman. A supplier who maintains a constant stock of paintball weapons, upgrades, goggles, and paintball packages is desired.

Not only do you want a paintball dealer who offers the best looking paintball supplies, but personal protection is important too. You need your distributor to offer brand name jerseys and pants. Of course everybody wants to look sharp in battle, but make sure the pants and jerseys you purchase afford you ample ventilation and personal safeguards.

The best paintball guns at the best price are of course your ultimate goal. Your dealer will offer battle tested weapons. That is, guns that have proved themselves in battle. Other paintball supplies that he will offer are hoppers that fit all budgets. Of course he will stock chest protectors, goggles, elbow pads, and knee pads too.

A paintball mask is needed to protect your face. The higher end masks are lighter, and therefore offer increased comfort. In addition, it affords you more flexibility and better breathing and offers less fogging inside the mask. If you start out with a lower end model make sure it is durable. You want paintballs to bounce off without pain. Some types offer the ability to upgrade to a thermal lens which lessens the fogging problem.

A good merchant offers Virtue Paintball Boards, and will give your weapon a big shooting boost. This is a great addition to electronic guns, and will keep your weapon firing at top speeds while improving battery life. A good seller will offer many paintball supplies, not just weapons. For example many paintball players want their equipment as light and compact as possible. A good dealer offers a mix of products.

Finally, finding a good paintball supplier is a challenge for the beginning player. Consult with the veterans on your team when seeking paintball supplies. The vets with your dealer will point you where you need go for the best equipment, at an affordable cost. Plus, your merchant will offer only the best safety protection. After all paintball should be fun.


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