Getting to Tunica

You have options when traveling to Tunica, Mississippi.
Traveling to Tunica, MississippiWhat You Should Know

Are you traveling to Tunica, MS this vacation season? What should you know about travel arrangements? There is a variety of services that can help get you into this popular nightlife town. First and foremost, you could travel via the Tunica Airport. This privately owned airport is for public use and is found south of the CBD of Tunica. This is not the same airport as the Tunica Municipal Airport, which is one mile east of the town center. This airport covers ten acres of space and has one runway. A recent inventory report shows the airport has over 8,500 general aviation vessels running. It is one mile east of the well known U.S. Highway 61. The airport, with its 7,000 feet of runway ground, can accommodate 727 jet airliners.

Another option to consider is that of taking a train to Tunica County such as the Amtrak train. Train rides go to and from the station, as do Greyhound buses and charter buses. Car rental companies include Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Budget. If you travel to Memphis, which is about 20 miles south of town, you may have even more options to choose from as regards transportation.

How safe is it to travel around this “gambling town?” Very safe…in fact, since the casinos are so well protected, and there isn’t much walking space away from the main casino strip, crime is practically non-existence aside from a few rare instances. A few years ago, there was a casino shuttle service, though it has since been discontinued. However, this does indicate the comfortable walking distance and safety that can be found in Tunica.

The town of Tunica holds just over 1,000 people. However, Tunica County has upwards of 10,000 people. Much of the economy is derived from casino profit. (It has not only saved the town from poverty, but also allowed the local government to improve schools, and build parks and museums.) So while Tunica isn’t the frenetic gambler’s dream that Vegas is, bear in mind that 15 million people come through this “small town” every year.

Major highways you may be driving include US 61, I-69, Mississippi Highway 3 and Mississippi Highway 4. Some of the major streets include Main Street, Magnolia, N and S Court and Casino Resort Boulevard. Whether you travel by plane, bus or car, rest assured you will have a comfortable stay in this jackpot of a town!

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