Gold Decisions

When deciding to invest in gold, it is important to consider the large entity that gold is.  Gold comes in many forms, which is in part why it is so valuable. It can be shaped to many different sizes.  Gold can be purchased in bullion or numismatic collectibles.  Bullion gold is given value based purely on how much gold it contains.  Numismatic gold develops value based on rarity, condition, history and gold content. 

What's great about investing in gold coins is not just for the historic hunt, but the seal of profit for the future.  Gold coins need not just be about the perfect condition either.  Gold collectable coins that are considered extremely valuable are also coins that were perhaps made in error during the minting process which makes that coin so much more valuable.  It's ironic the mint conditioned coin and the coin that was not minted correctly can be equally valuable.  However, both are to be taken into consideration as a gold investment. 

Investing in coins that are not only in mint condition, but hold intrinsic value to certain civilizations is important as well.  Coins continue to be discovered every day in lost worlds all over the world.  Not to mention holding enthnicity and culture that can really be personal to a coin collector within that culture is also another fact to consider as a potential coin collector.  That is also why gold is such a huge investment choice as it holds universal selling power.  You need not have to settle to sell your gold in the same economy you bought it in. 

Finding a good dealer is very important as well.  Online dealers allow you to not only check credentials, but to see customer reviews.  A trusted dealer will be apart of expert organizations such as the PNG (Professional Numismatics Guild) or the Numismatic Guarantee Corp. 

Coin dealers, having expert knowledge and insight should not be young either, so consider the age of your dealer. Your dealer should not only be guiding your purchase, but keeping you uptodate on local auctions and magazines that will further your knowledge and your investment choice.  

Trusted dealers will not only be apart of expert organizations, other members, while there is still an innate competition for sales, will still vouche for a good dealer when you research who you are purchasing from.  Your dealer should also be someone who will stick with you as your investment matures.  Gold investment is just that, while it is a very valuable purchase, it should be protected and handled in a way that will keep it valuable in years to come, which is the main point of gold investment; future financial stability.

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