How to Choose Your Morgan Dollars

So, you have decided to add Morgan dollars to your investment portfolio, and you’re wondering precisely which to choose. While it is relatively easy to tackle research on the Internet, it usually requires a bit of expertise to identify the right Morgan dollars for the individual investment goals or even the available budget.

Why is it so complicated to determine the right Morgan dollars? They were minted in the United States between the years 1878 and 1921, and most were actually never meant for general circulation. Instead, they were made to provide a market for the massive amount of silver being mined in the country at that time. The coins were made and sent into storage in numerous Treasury vaults, where they remained in mint and flawless condition for decades.
Today, this is one of the reasons that the Morgan dollars are the second most popular collector coins available (the first being the even more widely minted Lincoln pennies). People choose them as a means of completing their collection, or they choose them as a means of enhancing a portfolio. The latter decision is made more and more often in the current era, due to the overall market conditions. It is interesting to note that in earlier decades, someone could purchase coins and enjoy a modest increase in value over the course of a single year, but the current conditions create earnings of anywhere between 20% and 200% on such rare coins as the Morgan dollars.

The trick to using them as a form of investment is to know which of the coins to select, and when to sell them. It also helps to know when the condition of a coin dramatically increases its value. Consider the 1886-O Morgan dollar, which had a mintage of more than ten million coins. Today, the coins have only a bit of value over their silver content, but if they are found in mint or uncirculated condition they are extraordinarily valuable.

So, how does someone go about identifying such coins and obtaining them at realistic prices? The best approach is to work with a certified and licensed coin dealer who will seek out the exact coins needed by their clients. This is one of the only ways to be sure that the coins purchased are in the conditions necessary for investment purposes and also at the most competitive pricing possible.

This last factor is significant when the individual is seeking to acquire the coins in order to quickly sell them at a hefty profit. It is interesting to note that many people are using coins as a form of secure and alternative investment, due to the instability of more traditional markets. While many people redirect available capital into precious metals, even more are getting a triple value from coins.

How is that? They obtain the market value of the silver (intrinsic value), the face value of the currency (the extrinsic value), and the combined values of the historic significance and the rarity of the coins, which adds up to a really impressive investment option.

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