How to Get a Corporate Cell Phone Discount

Getting a discount such as a corporate discount cell phone accessories discount is easier than you might think. Someone spending around a hundred US dollars a month on their cell phone bill could well be able to knock that amount down to around seventy five dollars a month – so long as you know how.

The first thing to note is that you are not going to be able to get a corporate cell phone discount unless you have a job. If you are employed however, that is already a big step toward getting one. However, the company that you are employed by will also be required to be on the corporate discount list for your cell phone carrier. The quickest and simplest way to try and see if you are eligible for a corporate cell phone discount is to call your carrier service and ask them. Corporate cell phone discounts which are available can make as much as a fifteen to twenty five percent difference to your cell phone bill on a monthly basis, so it is well worth making the effort to see if you are eligible.

However, while in some cases it can be as simple as just calling and asking, sometimes it may not be quite that easy. It is possible that the company you work for might not be on the discount list of your cell phone carrier, particularly if it is a smaller sized company. Likewise, some smaller cell phone carries may not even offer such discounts at all.

If your carrier does offer discounts, the company that you work for is on their corporate cell phone discount list and you do get a nice and easy immediate approval, it is still important to note that it may not kick in immediately and you may have to wait a couple of cycles before you begin to receive your discount.

You can receive this discount because the majority of large cell phone carriers consider it to be good business to offer discounts to large companies as an incentive to keep using their services and those employed by those companies can either sign up off of their own bat or are sometimes even able to do so as part of a work organized group plan. Either way, the savings are considerable and if you are a long time cell phone user or have just purchased one from, now is the time to inquire.


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