Improved Ways to Backup VMware

There is more than one way to backup VMware. VMware is, by far, one of the most innovative and important server tools to be developed in recent years. It allows for the creation of several different servers on one machine, vastly increasing the network capabilities of companies who choose to employ it. It also allows administrators to quickly configure and deploy new servers. Of course, even if those servers are adequately backed up and if the data they contain is not readily accessible for restore operations, the system serves no purpose at all.

Some network administrators choose to backup VMware using legacy technologies. This may involve using tape drives or other devices to store the data from the servers. With VMware backup utilities, there were sometimes issues with using these devices. Products support them now, however, and they still provide a good solution. The format that the files are written on and, particularly, the size of those files will be important to your IT department. You’ll need to make sure that whatever backup solution you use is able to eliminate redundancy in your data, fittingly called deduplication, and that it uses a format that ensures you’ll have access to it in the future.

When you are backing up servers, there are ways to make sure that it doesn’t take an unreasonable amount of time. Data deduplication is an important element of this, though bandwidth is also very important. In order to keep the time involved to a minimum, you need to be able to backup a lot of data at once. Using multiple connections, the utilities designed for VMware data backup can make sure that the operations don’t take long during backups, and that it doesn’t take a long time to perform a restoration of a server, either. Some products offer up to 16 simultaneous server backups.

Some networked backup utilities allow the VMware backup to be done in a format that allows a server to be restored instantly. This means that you don’t have to bring down the entire system to restore a server that’s been compromised. At the other end of the spectrum, these programs sometimes allow file level restorations to be performed. The best of them all can write these files in Linux and Windows formats, eliminating any conflicts that may be caused by software that is too tied to one operating system or another.

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