Making Hiring Easier with a Pre Employment Screening

If you’re an HR manager, a general supervisor, or anyone who’s ever been in charge of hiring for open positions at work, you know that the hiring process is often murky and convoluted. Sure, there are some easy decisions you can make. If you receive the resume of a candidate who clearly does not have the education or experience required, you can eliminate that individual easily. The same goes for a person who completely blows the interview. However, that generally still leaves several potential new hires, which is where the confusion comes into play. Take out the subjective guesswork with a pre employment screening.

A pre employment screening will simplify the hiring process by giving you objective evidence for the best fit for your position and company. If you’ve been hiring for any length of time, you know that many times you rely on instinct and intuition in making that final decision, which doesn’t always work out well. After all, how clear a picture do you have of a candidate’s true personality or behavior? All applicants will spend their entire time with you trying to impress you, which isn’t the best representation of how they will act on the job.

A pre employment screening will analyze each candidate for a certain number of personality traits and behavioral characteristics. It will also give your hiring team or manager an overview of an applicant’s core behaviors and personality. Now, many of these assessments stop there, but PeopleAnswers has a test that will compare your candidates against a customized profile of the ideal person for each open position and your company. This is all done scientifically, with over thirty cognitive and behavioral traits isolated and quantified. You’ll be able to pinpoint the best person for the job, and you’ll do so via objective means.

Why should your company change its hiring process to include one of these tests? First of all, it takes the guesswork out of hiring, making it easier for your hiring team to determine who will fit in best. When you select the most qualified and well-suited candidate for each position, you end up with a better group of employees, who are satisfied with their jobs and who perform at higher levels than expected. This means at least two things for your corporations. You will have less employee turnover as individuals will not leave (or be asked to leave) as often. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the excellent performance of your employees will directly result in success for your business.

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