Options in Buying Silver Coins

As an investor, you are probably considering an investment in precious metals. Many of the top experts believe that silver is the way to go, because it is possible that it will start outperforming gold. The cost of silver currently is around $28 per ounce, up more than $10 from a year ago. Even at the current price, it is easy for most people to afford an investment in silver.

When you start an investment in the metal, you have a number of options. You can choose to buy bars or coins. The bars, while they are a great investment and are even slightly cheaper per ounce of metal than the coins are, are large. Because of their size, some people might not be able to afford a large investment in bars. Buying silver coins, which are smaller and very easy to sell, is the natural option.

Many different types of coins are available today. You can choose to buy the Canadian Maple Leaf, which is a popular choice, or you might want to try the Vienna Philharmonic. In the United States, the American Silver Eagle is the perfect choice. It is the official bullion coin of the United States. The coins have backing by the government and they will always retain a worth of at least their face value. With the price of silver rising, these one-ounce coins are certainly going to be worth far more than their face value of a dollar!

The bullion coins are not the only option that you have available though. You might decide that you want to buy junk silver. Buying silver coins that are considered “junk” is easy to do, and it can be a good investment. The coins are not really “junk” at all. They are bags of coins that have a face value of $1000. You can find bags of coins that are 90% silver. They are quarters and dimes from before 1965. You can also find 40% bags, which are Kennedy Half Dollars.

Collectors that aren’t interested in the investment value of the coins will be able to invest in proof coins. They have protective cases and they are high quality coins. They are not ideal for investors though.

When buying silver coins, make sure that you choose to do business with a legitimate company that is able to offer fair prices on your coins.


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