Presidents Who Love Their Gold

You have to love the new Presidential Spouse series from the U.S. Mint!  This gold bullion series pays homage not to the former presidents of the United States, but to their long-suffering wives.  This coin series is part of the Presidential $1 Coin Act series, and is recognized as legal tender worth $10 to the government, but of course, worth more in gold bullion content. 

The term First Spouse is obviously used because there is no rule that says women cannot run for office, and though Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton were disappointed that they didn’t make history the first time, there is an election coming in 2012.  What can you expect if you buy this gold series? 

Naturally, you will find the presidential spouse’s faces on the obverse side, as well as their names, the dates they served in the White House, and the year of minting.  Also included are patriotic terms “In God We Trust” and “Liberty.”  The U.S. Mint is producing these coins along with the Presidential $1 coins and these golden girls are made from 99.99% fine metal. 

We’re sure all you presidential trivia buffs out there are wondering, what about Jefferson?  What about Buchanan?  Yes, in fact there were a few presidents that did not have spouses while in office.  Jefferson was a bachelor and considered “Liberty” his wife, and so that coin will actually feature Liberty, as well as an image emblematic of the times and the presidential administration.  Chester A. Arthur was a widower, so no spouse is featured for him; instead, for his term, there will be a coin showing Alice Paul.

Some of the most popular coins thus far (the program is far from over!) include Mary Todd Lincoln, Martha Washington and Dolley Madison.  Coming up in 2012 we have Lucretia Garfield, Alice Paul, Caroline Harrison and Frances Cleveland…twice!  You may remember her as two-time non-consecutive elect Grover Cleveland’s wife!

If you are an admirer of gold and love a good collectable coin, then make plans to buy this new series in 2012.  Who knows when your “last chance” will be, since these items tend to sell out quickly, especially in times of recession!

For more information talk to a dealer about your options!

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