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The town of Tunica has certainly enjoyed a rich history. The County of Tunica was first founded in 1836. It wasn’t until 1888 that the town itself was incorporated. For nearly an entire century, no good news came out of Tunica. This small city became gradually worse as the years passed. By 1988, the town was widely thought to be a ghost town and one of the lowest per capita income towns in the nation. In 1990, the state legislature took a bold move by legalizing gambling. Tunica County approved the bill and their bad luck ran out. Soon enough, Splash (the first casino) opened to great success and the city started to boom with the opening of other casinos.

What has all of this success done to the local real estate scene? It boomed for a while. In the 2000 decade, property values were soaring thanks to high profits by the casinos, which allowed the city to put money into their schools, parks and museums. However, by the time the recession happened in 2007 and onward, all real estate markets were down. Now, property prices seem to have stalled. You can buy a lot or piece of land on Highway 61 for over a million dollars. However, residential areas on Houston or Drexel Street might sell for significantly less money. Some small homes were selling for as little as $175,000!

What should you do if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in this town? Rather than advertising yourself alone, try partnering with a Tunica real estate agent. You can find an experienced Tunica real estate agent in and around the county. Tunica realtors can help you find a home or an apartment in the Tunica area or beyond, as far as Memphis if necessary. They can tune you into the great deals out there that are not directly advertised to the public.

In case you’re wondering, Tunica is a great place to live! It is a safe town that has been thoroughly cleaned up and jazzed up ever since the casinos came in. While the major attractions here are the casinos (bringing in 15 million people a year), there are also schools, parks and many restaurants and clubs. Tunica realtors can help you find a property from Casino Strip Boulevard to Lucky Lane. For more help on this matter contact realtors in Tunica, MS and tell them what kind of living quarters you are interested in buying.

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