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Nice neighborhoods of Tunica, Mississippi.
Whats the Story on Tunica Mississippi Real Estate?

Tunica Mississippi real estate is in an exciting place right now. It is hard to believe that just two decades ago, this area was a poverty-stricken ghost town. It was the shame of politicians and the fear of every decent family in Mississippi. Reports of crime, open sewers and a lack of jobs kept Tunica off the map, and hurt Mississippi tourism as a whole. A prominent politician once even compared the city to the American version of Ethiopia.

By the 1990s however, the state thought up a creative way to revitalize their non-existent economy. They would offer Tunica (and a few other counties) the chance to host casinos. It was definitely a gamble and was not too popular with all residents of Tunica County. (Numbering up to 10,000.) Tunica accepted the offer though, and the rest is an amazing history lesson.

Tunica, MS’s economy started skyrocketing. The casinos were so overwhelmed with traffic that lines formed around the entrance, and nobody seemed to mind paying for entrance fees. Casinos were breathing new life into this “dead” town. Before long, the town was able to use the profits from the casinos to make road improvements (and address the traffic problem) as well as make improvements to the schools. Further progress saw the building of a museum and the River Park. Tunica, MS was now no longer the scourge of Mississippi but the third most popular gambling spot in the nation!

What does all of this success mean for Tunica, MS real estate? Years ago, you couldn’t give away property in this town. Now, so close to the casinos, and next to a thriving business scene, properties are once again spiking in value. Just a lot on Highway 61 will cost upwards of a million dollars. However, small accommodations for business might sell in the range of $200,000. Single-family units might sell as low as $175,000. It really depends on the residential location. Some of the most popular streets include Houston Lane, Drexel Road, Cummins and Magnolia.

Tunica Mississippi real estate is a difficult business to break into, whether you are buying or selling. Homes for sale in the Tunica area may be small and rustic or luxurious and full-featured. Tunica real estate listings and mortgaging information is available locally and within the greater Tunica County area. There is also assistance offered finding a real estate agent or a moving and relocation service. Find out what Tunica, MS homes are for sale today!

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