Reflexology As Part Of Your Wellness Regimen

Finding a suitable treatment that works for certain medical conditions can be frustrating.  Many people deal with mysterious aches and pains for their whole life because they just can't seem to get rid of it.  This usually means taking a plethora of medications and pain killing pharmaceuticals, which over time have adverse effects on the body.

One particular treatment that recent health news has been advocating is reflexology.  This massage variation targets specific pressure points that are mapped out all over the body.  These points each affect different organs or functions in the body, allowing the massage therapist to target specific points that are giving the patient problems.

A massage therapist who practices reflexology will have the patient sit in specialized reflexology chairs are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort for the patient.  They also allow the massage therapist to accurately reach the pressure points.  Reflexology relies heavily on accuracy and attention to detail, so these chairs are absolutely necessary to obtain maximum results.

One very basic example of reflexology is when people suffering from foot pain roll the bottom of their foot on a golf ball.  The pressure from the ball hits pressure points which alleviate aches and pains.

Most health care providers agree that the body is interlaced with connections and triggers that all directly affect various parts of the body and mind.  By taking a full body healthcare approach, we can avoid complications that we may not have expected.  For instance, many people are not aware that poor dental hygiene can result in heart problems.  It is important to stay conscious of the significant impact seemingly minor things can have on us in the long run.

Reflexology and massage therapy in general also have significant impact on detrimental psychological functions. Many patients suffering from depression or anxiety find that bodywork greatly reduces these feelings and provides mental comfort.

Finding a reputable, licensed massage therapist who practices reflexology can be accomplished by searching on the internet for a professional in your area.  Another way to locate the best candidate would be by asking your health care provider for advice.  Most physicians will be able to refer to someone who specializes in a specific field that will benefit you most.

Many health insurance providers cover reflexology if it is being used to treat a health problem.  Speak to your provider for information about coverage.  Massage and reflexology as part of your wellness regiment is a fantastic compliment to other healthy habits such as diet and exercise.  By utilizing all of the natural options available, you will feel rejuvenated in all aspects of your life.

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