Relocating to Tunica

Make the move to Tunica, Mississippi.
Tips When Moving and Relocating to Tunica, Mississippi

Are you relocating to Tunica, MS? You must be excited as you plan this life-changing journey! There’s no doubt that Tunica is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s hard not to feel some emotional reaction when you consider that this is a town that never should have been. It was declared destitute by politicians and residents as recently as the 1980s. It was compared to Ethiopia in terms of poverty. At one point, there was an open sewer throughout the town and no running water.

How times have changed! From those less than humble beginnings, comes the third most successful gambling scene in the United States! (Behind Atlantic City and Las Vegas.) In 1990, the state legislature offered to legalize gambling to certain counties in Mississippi. Tunica jumped at the chance and saved its own life. As soon as the casinos opened, lines were forming and millions of dollars were coming in. The casinos were so successful that the town was able to put money into more important features like schools, parks, roads and museums.

What are some tips to remember as you plan your Tunica relocation? First of all, hire yourself some movers. Movers can release you from unnecessary stress that is associated with moving all of your furniture and home items by yourself. Movers are also insured, so that even if there is a moving accident, you will not suffer a great loss. Movers are more efficient at moving home items than a group of friends, that could easily waste a whole day on a few items. Remember, when you enlist friends or family to move heavy items, you risk injuring them!

Second, try living in the town for a while before deciding to look into a home mortgage. This is a very safe town and one that is enjoyable to live within. However, it is not for everyone. There aren’t many roads beyond the casino strips, and most of the business in the area revolves around the casinos. It is estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 of Mississippi’s population works in the Greater Tunica casino area. You might want to vacation in this area a few times and then sign a short-term lease in an apartment.

You can make a smooth transition from place to place by using moving services and talking to a real estate professional in the local area. Moving to Tunica, Mississippi is exciting! Avoid the stress by enlisting the aid of others.

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