Safely Using Your Medical Equipment

Whether you have been admitted to a hospital or long-term care facility, or you are going to be using medical equipment at your home, it is important to use the equipment safely and properly in order to avoid injury to yourself or others. Most types of medical equipment have very specific instructions for use, and they should be adhered to completely. As evidenced by medical news, whether you are under the care of a physician, family member, or you are administering your own care, understanding your medical equipment can be a matter of life or death.

Before you begin using the medical equipment, you should examine it fully. Become familiar with the equipment. You should be sure that there are not any obvious problems with the equipment, such as any dents, damage, or exposed wires. You should look the equipment over to be sure that there are no visible signs of damage or any other potentially dangerous safety hazards. If the medical equipment is electronic, be sure that the cord and plug are in good condition. Be sure that the cord will not be in an area where it will be tripped over, or will be exposed to heat or water.

Even if you will not be the primary operator of the medical equipment, you should familiarize yourself with how to correctly operate the equipment. You should read the instructions that come with the equipment, and ask your physician any questions that may arise. If you understand how the medical equipment is meant to function, you will then be able to identify when the equipment is malfunctioning.

Not only will you be able to spot a problem, but you will also know troubleshooting strategies to fix the problem and get the equipment back to operating smoothly. While reading the instructions, familiarize yourself with any of the potential risks involved when operating the equipment. This will allow you to notice and correct them quickly.

Lastly, always keep your medical equipment clean. If you are in a facility this will most likely be done for you, but if you are receiving treatment at home, it is your responsibility to keep the equipment, and its surroundings, sterile. All medical equipment should always be sterilized and those who are using the equipment should be wearing protective clothing such as gloves and masks.

By taking these precautions you will reduce the risk of dangerous, life threatening, medical equipment mishaps. By educating yourself and following the correct guidelines for all medical equipment, you can receive the positive benefits intended.

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