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Tunica schools are located in the town of Tunica, part of Tunica County, which is just 20 miles south of Memphis, Mississippi. This town was founded in the late 1800s, and was continuously perceived as a poor county. The lowest ebb came in the 1990s where its destitute state received national attention. However, with the addition of casinos in 1992, the economy of Tunica developed rapidly. Suddenly, the community could afford to invest in the public schooling system, as well as the airport and in the park.

What about the school situation? Is it dangerous to have children attending a school nearby a casino? Tunica is actually one of the safest towns in the state. Whereas crime used to be a problem, the phenomenal growth of the town resulted in a major expansion of the police team. Now the town is safe for all ages and offers a variety of schools for all ages.

The Tunica School District presides over five public schools: Rosa Fort High School, Tunica Middle School, Dundee Elementary School, Robinsonville Elementary School and Tunica Elementary School. There are also five private schools in the area as well as the private Tunica Academy. The private schools are preschool care and learning centers. They include the Tunica Institute of Learning, the Tunica County Child Development Center, the Tiny Tots Day Care, the Play Skool Learning Center and the ICS Tunica Head Start Center.

According to state law, individual families have the right to decide if a child should attend Tunica schools or if he/she would fare better outside the school district or with a charter school. Furthermore, under the “No Child Left Behind” law, students that attend a Title I school designated as “in need of improvement” can attend a higher performing school within in the district. Many of these laws are in place to help underprivileged students.

Gambling may have made this town but this isn’t a town of vice. It is a fully functional community with jobs, schools, family attractions, government buildings and police protection. Tunica has come a long way in the last three decades. Now when you see Tunica, MS schools you will impressed by the professionalism of the establishment and the opportunities for progress your children are given.

Tunica’s school district has underwent major improvements in recent years. There are now several public and private schools in the area. Learn more about the local community in Tunica by visiting this town in person.

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