Spyder Paintball Guns and Accessories

Getting a paintball gun is only half the battle. You'll also need all the various items that go along with it. Spyder paintball guns are very flexible in the options that they give you, which sometimes makes them easier for beginners who aren't quite sure what they need right off the bat. Because you can use different types of accessories with Spyder paintball guns, you can also try out different configurations for your gun to see what you like the best.

Air or CO2

Most of the people starting out in paintball go with CO2 because it costs less to get going. However, compressed air is far more popular with seasoned players for many different reasons.

Spyder paintball guns can use either propellant, but CO2 has some effects on the guns that experienced players don't like. CO2 comes out of the container very cold. This cold sometimes causes the O-rings on the gun to crack. When these O-rings crack, you'll start getting leaks and having trouble getting consistent shot power and accuracy out of the gun. If you want more reliable power and better service out of your paintball bun, compressed air is usually recommended. It's fine, however, to play your first few games with CO2.


You'll find that paintball is a game that's a lot more fun if you have the right protective gear on. Paintballs are definitely noticeable when they hit you! One of the areas that beginning players usually don't think to protect well enough is their hands. If you're wearing gloves, your gun will feel entirely different in your hands. The leverage makes the trigger feel more sensitive and may make the trigger guard too small for your finger. The widened trigger guards on Spyder paintball guns make them very forgiving in this regard. The triggers have excellent actions to them, as well, which makes the guns comfortable and accurate, whether you're wearing gloves or not.

The design of Spyder guns is so simple that you can accessorize them in many different ways. It also makes them easy to store, maintain and clean when you need to, which is important for a beginner. The barrels are good quality, but be sure you use paintballs that are worthy of the barrels. If you skimp on paintballs, you'll find that many of them won't be perfectly round, which makes them far less accurate than the more consistent, slightly more expensive paintballs.

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