US Mint Sees Record American Silver Eagle Sales

Silver is truly a wonder metal, providing outstanding benefits for the manufacturing industry and for investors, as well. The US Mint has recently reported record breaking sales for January of 2011 as demand continues to grow for the American Silver Eagle bullion coin. Silver presents many unique opportunities for the investor and for this reason, many experts predict that its already fantastic performance may continue and even out perform gold. Investors who wish to physically own this valuable metal recognize the American Silver Eagle as one of the finest investment grade, bullion coins available.

Silver - Silver Bullion Bars - Buy Silver Bars - Buying Silver BarsThe US Mint produces the American Silver Eagle to provide investors with a way to physically own silver bullion. One of the greatest benefits of this bullion is that it comes with the full backing of the US government. This means that each coin is guaranteed to meet specific standards in weight, content and precious metal purity. These assurances greatly contribute to the coins popularity.

Each American Silver Eagle provides investors with a bullion coin containing a silver purity of .999. The consistent standards of these coins make it a simple matter to trade, transport and store the coins. It also makes it easy to calculate the value of the investment, since silver is priced in ounces and each coin provides investors with 1 oz of pure silver.

The price of silver is being driven by an increasing demand and shortage of supply. There are many unique properties to this metal that make it perfect for many industrial applications. At the same time, the supply of silver is being rapidly depleted. Some estimates predict that approximately 95% of all of the silver that has ever been mined has been consumed by modern manufacturing.

This presents investors with tremendous potential returns when they choose silver to make a long term investment. New industrial applications that require silver are being discovered everyday, thus increase the demand on an already strained supply. Investors are taking advantage of these opportunities by purchasing American Silver Eagles to physically own bullion.

The US Mint has reported that as of mid January, 2011 there has already been over 1.2 million ounces of silver bullion sold. The great demand of silver may present investors with an investment opportunity that could provide the most fantastic, long term returns in recent history. For those who are considering adding this precious metal to the investment portfolio, the American Silver Eagle is a great choice for the bullion investment.

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