Tunica Museums

Museums aren’t as loud as the casinos or as exciting as a theme park. However, many vacationers find visiting museums just as intriguing as seeing the “fun” side of a city. After all, isn’t it always a little interesting to learn about the place you are visiting-its people, its history and the changes that have taken place over the years?

Tunica has quite a story behind it. Just a few decades ago, this town was impoverished and barely a place to live, at least peacefully. Within the last 30 years, the entire town has changed drastically. The town is now rich with casino life, museums, restaurants and nightlife. While it’s easy to imagine a casino livening a dead town up, it’s quite an achievement to have a museum devoted to local culture.

The first museum to visit is the Tunica Museum. This museum details the history of Tunica, and also presents traveling exhibits, from farm life showings to brain teasers that help with education. The museum offers a tour of the town before the casinos arrived-including sights and sounds of the wood’s habitants.

Another museum to look up is the Tunica River Park Museum. This location features a museum area as well as a ride on a cruise liner and a park area. The museum section has 24,000 feet reserved for exhibitions. There, visitors can learn about the history of the Mississippi River and learn about early Native American civilization. Some of the highlights include the history of the casinos as well as the flood of 1927. There are also four aquariums with live animals inside.

Another museum to consider is that of the Pink Palace Museum. This building is not technically located in Tunica, but it is just a short drive away to the museum, right in Memphis, Mississippi. What can you find at the Pink Palace Museum? There are a variety of exhibitions for young and old alike, from displays of dinosaurs to plant life to geography to even an exhibition commemorating the arrival of the first Jewish immigrants. This Memphis museum also has a planetarium and Imax theater, with 3-D technology.  Memphis museums offer an opportunity to explore science and knowledge with the entire family.

There is a lot to learn about Tunica and Mississippi if we are willing to explore. Come and share the experience of learning as you visit this great town!