Tunica Arts and Culture

Years ago, the town Tunica was the last town anyone would associate with art. It had become a poverty-stricken ghost town. However, in just a matter of a few decades the town has grown up and blossomed in a remarkable way. It is now one of the most popular spots for gambling in America. It is bustling with activity, commerce and accommodations. What about the art of Tunica, though?

Tunica has gone from being the a dying small town on the Mississippi to the most popular attraction in the state. What has this change done to people, the culture and the art, of this great resurrected town? Tunica is a town proud of it's history and it doesn’t get more powerfully told than the Tunica River Park Museum. This is a 24,000 square foot museum that is centered on the life of the Mississippi River as well as the history behind it. Contained in this museum are many artifacts as well as aquariums.

The Tunica Museum offers a “window to the past”, by explaining details about the origins of this town, a town that was “saved” by the casinos. In addition to these details, the museum also puts up special traveling exhibits throughout the year. Other artistic draws include the Caritas Village, the Brooks Museum of Art and the National Ornamental Metal Museum. After visiting the best of Tunica art galleries, you can take local art classes at the Henderson Recreation Center or find the Historic Downtown in Tunica, which hosts arts festivals every year.

The art scene is a nice complement to the casinos and the outdoor parks of the area. The progress that the townspeople have made is indeed amazing. Today, nearly 10,000 residents of the state work for these casinos. Quite an improvement from the dead Sugar Ditch Alley of the 1980s and early 1990s. The town is now thriving with excitement.

Tunica arts and culture is alive and well in this town. You can experience the artistic atmosphere and check out a variety of stores and galleries that showcase the town’s talents. Afterwards, you can take a short drive to Memphis or beyond and see other Mississippi sights and sounds. Come and enjoy yourself in this exciting and reenergized town, and take in some culture!