Calming Pain Naturally With the Scriphessco Polar Pack

Cold and hot therapies are often used to relieve pain and bring down inflammation. While many people stick to using ice cubes, the Scriphessco Polar Pack is an easy-to-use option for people who don’t want to deal with the mess that melted ice cubes can leave behind. Additionally, since the pack can be used both hot and cold it is a versatile tool for people who want the option of using cold or hot therapy without having to buy more than one type of pack. Another benefit is that using cold or hot therapy in the form of a Scriphessco Polar Pack is a natural way to relieve pain without having to rely on pills and ointments that are full of chemicals. Below are some tips on how to use a Polar Pack to its best advantage.

1. Take the packs with you whenever you will be travelling. If you know there will be a way to heat them while you are travelling, then use them hot. However, if you prefer cold therapy or will only be able to use them cold, then freeze a couple ahead of time and keep them in a dedicated cooler.

2. A hot or cold pack will only retain healing temperatures for a short amount of time so if you are going to use a pack try to use it as soon as possible when it is fresh out of the freezer or has just been heated. Additionally, you should not use a pack longer than 30 minutes to give skin a chance to rest in between treatments.

3. Certain types of injuries can benefit from applying hot and cold packs on the area back to back. This is because the cold packs will slowly bring down swelling and inflammation while the hot pack will reduce pain. Using each pack, one right after the other, will give you both healing benefits in a shorter period of time. Ask your health care provider whether or not you should try this.

Using cold and hot packs can help minimize bodily pain felt because of an injury and can also help the injured area to heal faster. It’s always a good idea to keep a Scriphessco Polar Pack in the house so that you are prepared when the inevitable injuries that come with life arise. Polar Packs are great natural healing tools that bring a multitude of benefits to users.

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