Essential Features of Xenserver Backup Software

Citrix Xenserver has quickly become the darling of the online server solutions world. Many small and big businesses are switching their traditional data servers for the more cost effective services that a Xenserver can offer them. Because of all the automation that a Xenserver offers, many companies see huge decreases in costs all across the board. The electricity costs on their own usually add up to significant savings. Universities have even begun switching their servers over because of these savings. One area that is needed when using Citrix Xenserver is a good backup solution. A Xenserver backup software solution is ideal. A server is only as good as its backup and in this case, the backup solutions available are substantial and important.

One of the most difficult issues with a backup solution is its deployment time. A company’s time is valuable, and shutting down the network for a few hours in some cases is simply not an option for many businesses. This is expected, as companies need their servers running for virtually every part of business in this day and age. The newest backup software for Xenserver can be up and running in a matter of minutes. This simple fact can change the way IT works within the entire company.

Backup processes are largely inefficient as they store tons of data and then replicate that data once a day or once a week. The better software solutions will allow you to only backup unique data. Instead of wasting space and processor time, the backup software works quickly and only grabs what it has to keep a full backup. Good Xenserver backup software will employ these features to keep the server running at optimal speed and efficiency.

Since many companies are still running older versions of Xenserver, it is important to find Xenserver backup software that supports versions that go back to at least 5.5. In some cases, it would be helpful to go back even further than that. However, not updating Xenserver can be a recipe for disaster depending on the implementation.

Dealing with backups, servers and implementation can be daunting for those just getting into the game. The take away lesson is the power of Xenserver and the necessity for Xenserver backup software to ensure that things run smoothly for years to come. Any security expert would tell you how necessary the backup software was to the general management of a company.


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