Essential New Life Systems Spa Equipment

Some of the most essential pieces of New Life Systems spa equipment include various types of tables and chairs. These tables and chairs serve more purposes than just providing your clients with comfortable places to sit or lie down while they receive their treatments, as important as that is. They are also highly functional. In fact, some of the treatments that these pieces of furniture are designed for cannot be effectively rendered without them. Beyond that, there are also other purposes they can serve, such as storage. The treatments that require their own special types of furniture are massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures.

For massages, your tables are your most important pieces of furniture. The tables offered by New Life Systems fall into three major categories. The first major category is stationary tables. This is the main type of massage tables most spas will have on hand. The next category is “electric lift” tables. These tables are also stationary, but they can be raised and lowered. The advantage here is that the client can be placed at an ideal height relative to that of the massage therapists. The third category, portable tables, is equally important. Your employees can take them to special events for promotional purposes, or you can even offer your clients massages in their homes.

New Life Systems’ spa tables can also be adjusted to double as either massage tables or facial tables. They can also be used to administer other types of treatments. It is also quite common for these adjustable tables to have cabinets underneath them where your spa techs can conveniently store and access their equipment and supplies. If you have prenatal clients frequently, you may even want to consider investing in a special type of spa table designed specifically for them. Just as with massage tables, spa tables are available in models that can be adjusted either manually or via electric motors.

Chairs for manicures and pedicures are another type of spa equipment which is worthy of discussion. For a manicure, your client really just needs to be comfortable. There are no functional requirements beyond that. For pedicures, it might be nice to go beyond that. Many spas have reported that their clients really enjoy hydraulic pedicure chairs. This type of chair has a footrest extending from the same platform the chair itself is built into, and it can be adjusted up or done as needed.

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