Get Away to the Gulf and Visit Biloxi

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is considered one of the premier destinations of the American South for a reason: there is so much for visitors to do. Biloxi caters to visitors by offering a whole lot of southern charm and innumerable ways to have fun. Like to gamble? There are 11 casinos for you to choose from. How about night life? Biloxi has bars and eateries to suit the taste and budget of all its visitors. The array hotels in Biloxi Mississippi offer many options to travelers with different requirements. There is also the fact of where it is located. The Gulf Coast offers white sandy beaches galore, including the longest man-made beach in the world, a 26 mile long stretch of seaside to go along with another 36 miles of natural coast line.

Biloxi Sights

·         Ship Island is one of Biloxi’s best known places to visit and is suitable for families who want to enjoy the beach there, or to look at the fort that was built to defend the coast during the War of 1812.

·         Biloxi Lighthouse is made of cast iron and has survived the devastation of hurricanes Camille and Katrina. It is a main Biloxi landmark and visitors are not allowed inside, but it historically important enough that history-buffs may want to see it up close and take a few pictures.

·         Beauvoir will be of interest to Civil War buffs. It was the home to which Confederate President Jefferson Davis retired. The property’s 52 acres has a Confederate cemetery, a botanical garden and a Civil War museum.

Hotels in Biloxi Mississippi
Like any town that has a lot of visitors, there is a Biloxi hotel for every taste. These range from affordable chain hotels to ultra-luxurious casino resorts and quaint bed and breakfast inns. Visitors may also choose to rent a home for the duration of their stay.  Visitors should note that while there are more than 13,000 hotel rooms along the gulf coast, these can get filled up pretty quickly. It is wise to book your lodging well ahead of time. Especially if you plan on coming to any of the number of festivals and events that Biloxi has throughout the year.

 Visitors to Biloxi should plan for hot weather and expect to enjoy some of the finest seafood and beaches in the world.

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