How Technology Will Propel Education into the Future

Whether you are considering completing an undergraduate degree, earning your master’s degree, or obtaining a doctor of education, there is no better time like the present to embrace the unique and wonderful opportunities today’s technology affords in helping you to achieve your academic goals.

Technology will propel education into the future in several ways.  

First, technology will save you time. By having the opportunity to complete your academic goals online, you are now able to pursue those goals at your own pace, at your own convenience, and at any hour of the day (or night) of your own choosing. While most online colleges do offer courses that have structured weekly deadlines for papers, discussion posts, and peer responses, you are still quite free to decide when you want to post and submit the week’s assignment. Without technology and ease and freedom an online program offers, you are forced to be at a classroom in a brick and mortar building at a certain time, several days a week. Also, you must typically submit your assignments on the dates you attend the particular course. The time you save not having to drive back and forth to a class and having to sit in a formal classroom environment can be better utilized spending quality time with your family, at your job, or enjoying your leisure activities.   

Technology makes materials, articles, and information more easily accessible. Gone are the days when doing research for a class or project meant physically driving to a traditional library in your community or college and spending countless hours looking for books and articles on a particular topic (only to find someone else had already signed them out). Technology makes information readily accessible to everyone at any hour of the day. Today, online universities have a plethora of resources and articles in their own online libraries; thus, facilitating accessibility even further.  While surfing the net is still a popular way to gain quick and vast information about a topic, a student registered for an online college course today could easily download all the articles and papers he/she needed right from the college’s own library.

Technology creates multi-culturally-rich learning environments. In addition to saving you time and making information more accessible, technology propels education into the future by enabling you to attend a course online that has the potential to be filled with other students from all over the world. Never before would you expect (or hope) to attend a class and have so many peers from various states in America and various countries across the globe in one setting. The future of education, thanks to technology, is making a truly multicultural classroom environment the norm.  The wealth of information, insight, and experiences shared by the other online students in your online course is priceless. Online colleges offer a culturally diverse and demographically rich environment with which your local college campus cannot possibly compete.

From the Internet to all the high-tech gizmos and gadgets that enable you to access it, technology is changing, improving, and propelling the future of education. Once completely isolated and physically homebound individuals are now able to earn degrees in fields previously unimaginable; they are able to connect and interact with students with similar interests from all over the world.  “Attending” an online class sporting pajamas at 3:00 am is no longer just an episode of the Saturday morning cartoon, The Jetsons.   Obtaining access to an image at the Louvre in Paris, an archive from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, or a detailed video from the Smithsonian are all just a technological “click” away.


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