How to Pick the Best Paintball Hoppers

A paintball hopper is one of the most important parts of a paintball gun. Paintball hoppers actually push your paintballs into your gun so that you can press the trigger and a paintball will come barreling at your opponent. There are all sorts of different hoppers available to you; you just have to pick the right one for you.

First of all, you have to understand the importance of paintball hoppers. Paintball hoppers establish how many paintballs your gun will hold. They also have a role in determining how accurately you will be able to shoot at your opponent.

When you are choosing a paintball hopper, it is important to determine what sort of feed mechanism it uses. The most complex hopper that you can buy is also the same type that people who play paintball professionally choose. It is called a force-feed hopper. Force-feed paintball hoppers allow for much faster firing. These fancy hoppers feed the balls into the gun using a spring-load system. The spring-load system makes this gun faster than any gun with another type of hopper on it. It also lets the paintball player have a more accurate shot. Perhaps the best part about the force-feed hopper is that it actually shows you how many paintballs you have left to shoot.

The most common type of paintball hopper is one that works based on gravity. You tilt the hopper, and the paintballs slide down the chamber and into the gun. This type of hopper is less expensive and is least likely to break because it relies on gravity.

No matter what type of paintball hopper you choose for your gun, you have to pick a hopper that is the right size. If it is too big for your paintball gun, it will be incredibly awkward. If it's too heavy without ammunition in it, it's going to be much heavier once you add paintballs. Keep these things in mind when you are searching for the right hopper for your paintball gun.

Before you make a purchase, speak with the person you purchased your gun from. They will know which hopper is best suited for your paintball gun. If you still aren’t sure, use the Internet. You can find all sorts of great paintball websites that talk about different types of hoppers. You can also find chat forums where paintball players discuss what type of hoppers they prefer.


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