Maintaining Proper Hydration with Camelbak Backpacks

Camelbak has provided an innovative way to stay hydrated while enjoying a variety of outdoor sports. Originally designed for mountain bikers who needed a hands-free way to refresh themselves, Camelbak backpacks are now used by hikers, snowboarders, runners, paintball and airsoft enthusiasts, rafters, military personnel, and for a broad variety of other outdoor events.

Proper hydration is essential for optimum performance. Dehydration can cause a dramatic drop in energy level. The probability of becoming dehydrated is even more prevalent when a person is performing an active sport outdoors. In order to stay hydrated, most experts will recommend drinking a minimum amount of 1 liter of water per hour. This amount should be increased during high physical activity.

One of the primary reasons that athletes become dehydrated is because they lack a convenient hydration source. Camelbak backpacks have resolved this issue by providing an easy way to access liquids even during heavy exertion. If you will be involved in a physical activity for an extended period of time, it might be beneficial to your performance and health to add a sports drink to your camelback hydration system. This will replenish valuable nutrients and sodium to your body.

Studies show that cold water is better absorbed by the body. Camelbak backpacks are designed to keep liquids cool. To ensure that liquids stay cool for a longer period of time, fill your camelback halfway and then place it in your freezer for several hours. Before use, fill the pack to full capacity. You will then be set with a supply of cold water for an extensive period of time.

Camelbak backpacks come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Depending on what you’ll be using your hydration pack for, you will be able to find a suitable solution. For instance, many bicyclists and runners choose brightly colored packs so that they will be noticed by oncoming traffic. Paintball or airsoft players will want the exact opposite. There are darker and even camouflaged Camelbaks that will allow players to stay hydrated while allowing them to remain hidden from their opponents.

For longer physical excursions, there are hydration packs that have a higher liquid capacity. For shorter bike races or running races, you will want to choose a lighter weight pack that has a smaller liquid capacity. Searching online will provide the most options. Internet stores typically offer hydration packs at a discount and will ship directly to your home.

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