Making Plans to Buy Paintball Gear

Making Plans to Buy Paintball Gear

So…you finally bought that expensive paintball gun and are ready to go into battle! Well, before you run out onto that field and get blown to kingdom come, you might want to look into other important paintball gear and accessories. You have essentials and niceties, as well as protective gear to choose from. And of course, there are always extras based on the game you are playing.

To begin, every player is required to have at—bare minimum—three pieces of equipment. Obviously, you can’t play without your paintball gun, but you can’t play without a steady supply of ammunition either. You will also be required to wear a mask, goggles or some form of eye protection. Now for more specifics…let’s start with that gun of yours.

The games you frequently play usually decide upon the style of the paintball gun or marker you will be using. Having a longer barrel on the gun will make it more accurate, but can also make things trickier for close encounters. Just like a real gun, a paintball gun can jam, and you don’t want to be caught on the field unarmed! Having a backup weapon, a smaller paintball gun, is usually a smart move. You will also need to figure out a way to carry your extra gun, as well as your extra ammo. A harness can help in this respect.

Speaking of paintballs (also called marking ammo or simply paint), did you know there is different quality paint? Lower quality paint can often cause ricochets, bounces or (in other words) a missed shot! Higher quality paintballs tend to have thinner and brittle shells. They also have paint that is harder to wipe off, which does catch those cheating players “red-handed.” Having good quality paint is an important paintball gear essential.

Now you have your gun and paint. What else? You need clothing, of course! If you are playing in street clothes, you will remember the sting of that first paintball on bare skin, and quickly understand the importance of tougher clothing. Padded long sleeve shirts and pants are usually essentials. Don’t forget quality shoes that match up with the terrain you will be playing on. Official paintball camouflage clothing is also popular, as is dressing “in character” when you are playing scenario games. Other paintball gear includes elbow and kneepads and a good eye protector—hopefully with anti-fogging for better visibility.

Now that you finally have all the paintball gear you need, it is time to get out on the field and get wet!

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