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Have you heard about the portable massage chair at Yes, they actually do create massage chairs that can come with you—a great benefit for massage therapists who travel to clients’ houses or that have multiple office locations. 

The idea of the portable massage chair is for outcall clients and in the ever-changing industry, flexibility is very important. After all, not all clients have the time to go across town for a massage. If they are the ones paying, they want the massage therapist to work around their schedule. The very idea of a massage is one of relaxation. 

The selection of massage chairs you have is quite varied. All of these chairs are lightweight, easily folded and thus easy to transport. You can use them anywhere, even at a mall or in a sports arena! Portable massage chairs can be electric, or simply stationary. There are also reflexology chairs. Some of the more exciting models include Grasshopper chairs, Oakworks Portal chairs and Stronglite Ergo-Pro chairs. There are other brand names to consider, but you have to factor in brand quality and company longevity.

How much can you expect to pay for a portable massage chair at The best chairs can run you over $400 thanks to their advance features. For example, the Oakworks chair offers a 350-pound weight capacity, as well as features for accommodating clients of all sizes from four feet eleven inches to over six feet tall. The chair also has built-in wheels for easy transportation. You can make use of the quick lock adjustable face rest as well as the carry case. A DVD also comes with the model, which provides easy to learn instructions and tips on how to use the chair.

Less expensive portable massage chairs are built differently and typically do not have wheels. For example, the Earthlite TravelMate massage chair can set up on a desk or tabletop. There are no wheels, but the piece is easy to use and set up. It will run you about $100. The prices vary but there are always options to look into. 

If you are looking for a portable massage chair at then it is important to shop around and find a table that is going to be easy to use and highly durable. These are major investments and you don’t want to compromise quality. For more information, check out the company website and take a look at the comparison chart. 


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