Options in the Silver Market

Investing in silver is quite simple, but once you start delving into metals investing, you will see that you actually have a number of choices that you have to make. Like many other investment metals, you have options when you choose to invest in silver. However, with silver, it seems as though you have even more variety.

Buying Coins or Bars

One of the first things that you will have to decide when you enter the silver market is whether you are going to buy coins or bars. Both of these options are nice choices, and both will give you the diversification you need for your investment portfolio. However, you will find some marked differences between them. The bars come in different sizes and the coins are available in many varieties. Something that you will notice though is that the bars are going to have a slightly lower price per ounce than the coins. This is mostly due to the manufacturing process of the bars versus the coins. Still, the coins are very convenient and the price difference isn't something that is drastic.

Coin Options Galore

When it comes to buying the coins, you have quite a few differ options. You will be able to choose the bullion coins, such as the American Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf. The bullion coins are a great option for investors, but you do have another choice. The choice of buying junk coins is a viable one, although not all investors like these coins when they are getting into the silver market. The junk coins are bags of older quarters and dimes (prior to 1965), and even Kennedy half-dollars (1965 to 1970), which have high amounts of silver in them.

Options to Avoid

While getting into the silver market is easy, it is also fraught with bad decisions. When you are buying your silver, you need to stick to bullion as much as possible. This means that you should avoid buying rare coins or jewelry. Although many collectors are able to invest in them and actually make money, it takes too much knowhow to understand what collector coins are going to be worth the trouble. The problem with jewelry is that you aren't only talking about the value of the silver in the piece. Aesthetics plays a large part when calculating the value of a piece of jewelry and that's not something most investors are able to do.

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