PowerBroker for Unix Means Efficiency and Security

There are two things that any IT enterprise requires in the modern world of computing: efficiency and security. You will not compete on the open market today without maximizing your efficiency and ability to get the job done, and done right. At the same time, you cannot afford to put your IT enterprise’s security on the line because of the pressures of efficiency. You must be able to protect your IT environment from the many threats it faces while at the same time giving your employees the tools they need to do their jobs correctly and in a timely manner.

For many companies, these two goals—of efficiency and risk management—can be met using one very powerful tool: PowerBroker for Unix. This tool was designed to allow your business or organization to customize the amount of access each employee has to your IT enterprise resources. Should an employee require only basic IT privileges, such as the ability to update software on his or her workstation or run Active-X commands, PowerBroker can set such privileges to that level, and no higher. This fulfills the first requirement of a successful company, that of being efficient. Your employees can perform their day to day tasks without need to call upon the resources of the IT department.

At the same time, PowerBroker for Unix restricts employee access when greater access could lead to issues of security maintenance. Not all employees in your company or organization need root access to the IT environment. This means that employees who have been given generalized access to passwords and log in information that provides administrator privileges should be reassessed for their need to possess such access. Doing so will return the balance of privileges that is necessary to maintain security for critical IT files and operations. Not all employees should have the ability to install new software packages, for instance, which can lead to loss of productivity and the possibility of inviting viruses or malware into the system.

Compliance with IT regulations is also of utmost importance, and employees who do not comply with such regulations open a company up to many serious threats. PowerBroker for Unix gives you a tool to enhance compliance, both by restricting administrator privileges to those who actually need it and by providing easy auditing of workstation activity. The source of non-compliance can be discovered before problems to security or productivity can take root.


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