Spa Equipment for Extra Luxury

Perhaps you're a spa owner that's been in business for a while, and you're looking for a way to differentiate your business and give yourself an edge over your competition. On the other hand, it's possible that you're a client, and you'd like to know some particular pieces of spa equipment to look for that would indicate you're in for the best possible experience. In either case, we're going to assume that the spa you own (or go to) already has the essentials down pat. That being the case, we're going to take a look at some other types of spa equipment; those magical extras that can really take the whole experience at your spa to the next level of luxury.

In the first place, you've probably read a lot that when your clients look their best, they feel their best. Of course, you would think that the axiomatic nature of such a statement makes it go without saying, but there have been countless health news articles in the past couple of decades to precisely that effect. Perhaps that, at least in part, explains why for the past several years there has been such a trend in the direction of including salon and spa services in the same location. Thus, if you really want to offer (or get) the total spa experience, then you might consider a spa with a fully functioning salon on site.

Another thing you might want to look for is a massage chair. This sounds so simple, but many spas only have massage tables, while some spas have both. A chair massage is a significantly different type of experience than a table massage, and some clients actually prefer it. While it's true that a client wouldn't typically opt for both types of massages in a single visit, many clients do like to alternate between the two, perhaps enjoying a table massage on one visit and a chair massage on the next, etc. That being the case, it's a good idea for any spa to offer their clients both options, which requires a spa chair being part of your spa equipment.

While even the most basic spa treatments are still a luxurious, enjoyable experience, as competition increases, clients naturally become more selective. Thus, smart spa owners are going to want to be able to offer them every experience they want in order to effectively compete to attract and retain their business. Besides, when you're relaxing and enjoying yourself, you want that experience to be as deep and refreshing as possible.

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