The History of Paintball Guns

The History of Paintball Guns

When the first game of paintball was played in 1981, players used tree-marking guns created by Nelson Paint Company. These guns were used to mark trees that were meant to be cut down and were discovered by the inventors of paintball to be useful in playing this new sport. The first gun used was called a Nelspot 007, which was created by inventor James C. Hale strictly for use in the forestry industry. After the first game was played, paintball guns would become a popular market with many new options. Today’s players have infinite choices that make the game easier and more exciting.

The first of all paintball guns ever created specifically for the sport would be made in 1985. This gun, which was called the Splatmaster, would revolutionize the sport. As paintball popularity grew, more manufacturers would enter the market and give players more options. These early guns were generally manually operated, which meant the player had to cock the gun to move the pellet into the chamber each time he shot. This would slow down players considerably, which would no longer be a problem with the next round of advances in the sport.

Soon, play would move from manual to automatic as new paintball guns would hit the market. Markers would soon be powered by compressed air, which would automatically shift pellets into the chamber to make shooting even easier. This would speed up the game considerably and give players with new guns a significant advantage. As soon as this new wave of guns hit the market, manual markers became a thing of the past. The sport would become more competitive and gear would include many new options that allowed players to play the game in style. Suiting up today allows players to have just about any color of gun or gear to meet their individual needs.

Fully-automatic paintball guns are also available now, which give players the ability to shoot continuously. These are perhaps not ideal for beginners, but can give experienced players the edge they need to beat out the competition. Whether you are a beginning player or you have many years of experience, you can find the paintball marker that is best suited for you. With guns available in just about any price range and many colors, the sport is more exciting than ever. As long as safety is always your chief concern, you can find the gear that will help your game grow.

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