The Usefulness of Silver

The price of silver – and thus silver quotes – are almost certain to rise as its value in unexpected areas also continues to grow. One such area in which silver is of value is a commodity which is actually beneficial to the health of human beings. Silver is often used in medical settings as its anti-microbial benefits can actually be helpful in preventing the spread of infections. As a result, in such settings silver can be found in such varied products as catheters, creams and even in bed sheets.

As the health benefits of silver continue to become more and more obvious, the use of silver in ordinary everyday will likewise only continue to grow at an exponential rate. Many companies are already engaged in the process of creating new products which make use of the benefits of some precious metals, including the metal which tends to lead to the most production of silver, copper (which can be found in anti-ageing creams and even in new pillows which are supposed to stop the ageing process even as you sleep) and of course silver itself. Trace amounts of copper have been placed in socks, as it has been shown to be ideal for helping to relieve athlete’s foot and cutting down odors.

Back to the medical settings, and the value of silver in bandages is starting to become more and more apparent as well. The Wall Street Journal says that a new product from Argentum Medical LLC has been shown to be capable of killing MSRA, with its anti-bacterial properties being powered primarily by silver. While the silver powered bandages are inevitably more expensive than normal bandages, their advantages are many and becoming increasingly obvious to many professionals in the medical field and with MSRA itself being extremely expensive to treat in conventional ways, the silver bandages are, even at sixty eight cents more than an ordinary bandage, an economical option in comparison.

Not that silver products are only for the infirm either, with at least one new bedding company offering mattresses which are infused with silver and which claim to be able to reduce allergens, kill dust mites and improve the overall quality of sleep for those who use them on a regular nightly basis.

Whether these new products will succeed in entering the mainstream consumer consciousness, even a mild increase in demand for silver inevitably affects the price of silver quotes.

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