Tippmann A5 Is the Future of Paintball Guns

Tippmann A5 Is the Future of Paintball Guns

The design and features of paintball guns have come a long way since the first markers were produced in the ‘80s. Since Tippmann opened their doors in 1986, they have taken the lead in the paintball equipment industry. Tippmann had an advantage over other paintball companies in that they specialized in half-scale replica machine guns before delving into the paintball business. This gave them the knowledge and skills necessary to produce high-tech, reliable paintball guns such as the Tippmann A5. Many paintball enthusiasts wait with excited anticipation for the Tippmann A5.

The Tippmann A5 has set the standards high for the Tippmann A6, the next paintball marker in the series. The A5 is used by paintball players around the world. It is known for its reliability. While the A5 is light, it is also incredibly durable and accurate.

The upgrade potential of Tippmann guns is a highly desired characteristic for paintball players. As the skill level of players progresses, many choose to enhance their equipment. With a Tippmann paintball marker, there are several enhancements to choose from. These include performance enhancements such as the gun’s bolts, barrels, feed, and triggers. Scenario upgrades include stocks, sight rails, magazines, clips, scenario barrels and quite a few other options.

The ability to upgrade with the E-Grip is another enticing feature of Tippmann guns. The E-Grip kit will enhance your firing power. You can quickly switch from safe to semi mode using a right side thumb switch. The E-Grip includes a Hall Effect magnetic switch activator that is said to last seven times longer than the physical switch activator used in the past. The new switch creates trigger activation that is resistance free. When you need to change the battery on the E-Grip, it is a simple process because the device is fitted with a rear access battery door.

The Tippmann A5 includes an innovative Cyclone feed, which uses the excess air from the marker to feed 17 balls per second. When you combine all of the novel features of the Tippmann A5, you have a high performance paintball gun that beats out the competition.

While paintball fans will have to wait to see what the Tippmann A6 brings to the table, it could safely be speculated that the new features will up the ante in the manufacturing of paintball guns. The advanced features of the A5 are sure to be improved upon and will result in a sophisticated new marker.

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