Tips for Picking the Right Massage Table Warmer

A massage table warmer is a great accessory for any massage therapist to own. Each one of your clients will have a different body type and each will have their own temperature preference. One of the main goals of a good massage therapist is to maximize the comfort of the clients in an effort to create a relaxing and enjoyable massage experience. Being able to have the table nice and warm for certain clients will give them the impression that you truly care about meeting their needs and want them to be in the best of health.

There are a lot of massage table warmer options out there to choose from, so knowing the right one to pick for your table and for the clients who use your table can be difficult. They literally come in hundreds of styles and colors with different mechanisms used to heat your table. You first need to assess how warm you need the tables to be. Some of your clients will love to be pampered by the extra warmth the table warmer provides, while the other more “hot blooded” individuals will hate it. Assess the temperature of the room you use to give massages. This can help you decide what type of warmer you will need.

Some therapists use a massage table warmer for medical purposes to help with the massage. If you are wanting to use heat to help clients get a better massage and to help with the medical applications of a massage, you need a warmer with a timer. This way, the warmer will not produce a continual warming sensation, but once that part of the massage is over, the warmer will kick off and not continue to make the client too warm and uncomfortable.

It is also important that before you choose a massage table warmer, you look at how much money you have available to spend on one. If you are currently on a tight budget, you will want a simple blanket or pad style warmer, as those are fairly inexpensive. You also need to take into account whether or not some of your clients have an allergy to a certain type of fabric. Many people are allergic to wool for example, so it might be wise to avoid these types of warmers. Look for table warmer reviews in medical news magazines that have a special focus on massage therapy.

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