Tips for Turning Disability Claim Denials Around

Disability claim denials are an inevitable evil, and it works like a catastrophe for an accident victim. After the disability claim is denied, it takes a long time for appeal and reconciliation of the denial process in favor of the client. However, most often these processes bring a positive result if can be coordinated meticulously.

Once the disability claim is denied, one has to understand the reason for declining the claim; you should study the declaiming reason and accordingly you have to appeal for the reconsideration. This part of review is a significant fraction of the claim denial process; for the appeal process hence it is always wise to hire an expert attorney’s advice, it will simplify the whole claim denial appeal phase.

The reconsideration form for a disability claim denial is a downloadable page available from government website. Or else you can call at 800-772-1213 for the Social Security office for issuance of an appeal form. After getting the form, fill it duly, if possible with the help of an industry expert attorney. You can send the form by mail or by registered post; however, the whole reconsideration process to be commenced within 60 days of the receipt of the claim denial letter.

You have to arrange for a hearing from the administrative judge who is the concerned person for sanctioning the disability claim compensation. You must attach all the supportive documents and the photocopy of the denial benefit refusal letter with the appeal form. 

The whole process of disability claim rejection appeal is complicated and may require lots of legal insights. It is always wise to hire an expert attorney who has a good track record for winning claim denial cases.

While submitting the medical records for processing of disability claim denials appeal, you must make the medical documents up-to-date with the authentication of your attending doctor and attending medical department.

Resubmission of the documents with appeal form within the stipulated time frame is a mandatory one, in case of late submission, the reason must be well explained and authenticated by the concerned authority.

The reason for disability claim rebuff may differ from one case to another; it is always wise to disclose all real facts to your attorney so that he can do his best legal assistance arrangement to get claim denials appeal decision in your favor.

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