Top Five Ways People Get Seriously Injured

Serious injury is something everyone fears and is constantly on guard to avoid. However, as much as one tries to avoid them, injury causing accidents happen at an alarmingly high rate. There are 20 million injury related visits to American hospitals each year at a cost of over $380 billion. The good news is that with a little prudent knowledge of what to look out for, your likelihood of suffering a serious injury can be dramatically reduced.

Vehicle accidents are the most common cause of serious injuries in the United States today. The numbers are sobering. Yet, there are ways to bring those numbers down that are proven to work. The National Safety Council estimates that every hour someone dies in an automobile crash because they were not wearing their seat belt. It's a reminder that sometimes the simplest precautions can provide the most benefit. 

Falls are the next most common type of accident resulting in serious injury. As you might suspect, infants and the elderly are the two groups at the highest risk to suffer a serious fall. However, each year people of all age groups continue to suffer serious injuries of this sort. Around the home, many falls can be prevented with attention directed toward some of the prime suspects in causing them. Loose throw rugs should be secured to the floor, or eliminated from your home. Showers need to have slip proof strips and extension cords must always be properly secured to avoid tripping over them. In other words, thoughtful prudence can reduce your chances of suffering this type of injury.

A surprising number of people are seriously injured from various types of poisoning in the United States each year. Of course, often the mishandling of common household items is the cause of many such incidents around the home. Things like pesticides and strong cleaning solvents need to be secured properly and handled responsibly - especially when children are around.

Each year a large number of people are injured by fire in the US. This can range from kitchen accidents to full scale home fires and everything in-between. Making certain that all the rooms in your home have working smoke detectors is crucial to reducing your chances of having such an incident. Also, simple precautions like not wearing loose clothing while cooking over an open flame and keeping matches secured from children, are prerequisites to home fire safety.

Drowning and boating accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries each year as well. The majority of drowning victims continues to be children. This highlights the importance of taking extreme precautionary measures whenever supervising kids near any type of water.  Even something as seemingly safe as a bucket of water, left unattended while cleaning, can lead to a tragedy without proper care being taken.

Yet, while prudence and your own due diligence can reduce the risk of serious injury - it cannot eliminate it. Life is unpredictable and even though you may be cautious and alert, that is not always the case with those around you. The inattention, lack of caution and negligence often result in serious injuries completely beyond your control to prevent.

An Atlanta injury attorney is an expert in evaluating the circumstances leading up to a serious injury and determining if you are due compensation for the pain and suffering you've been force to undergo because someone else's lack of prudence and care.

Even in situations in which you're uncertain who is responsible, a consultation with an Atlanta injury attorney may reveal information which ultimately prevents you from suffering unnecessary loss. It's definitely worth a call.

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