Top Unorthodox Ways to Exhibit Your Fanhood

There are a lot of ways to show the world that you're a fan of your favorite team. You can wear a jersey, paint your face for game day, or simply make sure to wear your team colors. For many avid fans, though, this isn't enough. They find ways to go above and beyond to let everyone know that they are the #1 fan of the team they support.

Probably my favorite is every child's dream -- the themed bedroom. Walls painted in the best color to sports fans, a specialty bed, a team comforter, and as much memorabilia as possible. But that doesn't mean you have to stop at bedrooms. There are themed living rooms, themed bathrooms, and even themed kitchens. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to decorating your house to show your team spirit. Just make sure not to bring any rivals over for supper.

Most people may think that doll collections are for little girls, but for sports fans, they can be another slightly strange way to show spirit. Bobbleheads, figurines, and even plush mascots like pillow pets make for a great collection. You don't have to stop at signed footballs and posters. There's plenty of little things you can collect. And the more you collect, the more people will see your dedication. If you have 10 pillow pets they'll probably think you're a little strange, too, but if you're positive that you want to be the #1 fan, it's not that big of a sacrifice.

Pimping out your vehicle isn't just for people who want to make their car look good -- it can also be a great way to show everyone that you're the biggest fan. You can purchase specialty car horns so that every time you honk people are serenaded with your college team's fight song, you can get wheel covers that are covered in your favorite team's logo, and you can reupholster your seats. If you really want to go the extra mile you can get a paint job done so that you drive to the game in style every time. Some cars have mascot hood ornaments and rims.

If you're out of college, this one is definitely a little unorthodox. Strip down, put on a speedo and go in full body paint to the games. This may be a little more difficult if it's getting colder, but that'll even further show your team spirit. Expose your love for your team, but you may need to make sure that your buddies are going to show up in paint as well, or it might get a little embarrassing. You don't want to be the only painted one out of all of your friends.

Pushing yourself to think a little creatively, you can definitely find ways to show your team spirit beyond the more normal ways. If you want to be known as the guy with the team sports car or the person with mascot pillow pets, no one will doubt your team spirit.

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