Understanding How and Why Urinary Incontinence Happens

Urinary incontinence is usually regarded as the ultimate shame, at least by the most fickle in our society.  Unfortunately, incontinence is just one of the less glamorous aspects of real life.  As much as caregivers hate the idea of cleaning up after waste, the person living with the condition has to live with feelings of embarrassment.

The fear of incontinence is actually the worst part of it.  This fear can cause people to become isolated, and never go anywhere because of the threat of an accident.  There is nothing normal or natural about urinary incontinence, though it is a fairly common condition.  Usually, this condition results because of another medical condition, with UI as a primary or secondary symptom. 

For instance, incontinence can be caused by disorders like multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease or stroke, or perhaps even polyuria, which is excessive urine production, directly related to diabetes mellitus or perhaps even an enlarged prostate.  Why even certain drugs can cause incontinence!  Never assume that is a natural part of aging.  Why live with this inconvenience if there is available medical treatment? 

Urinary incontinence can be treated with medication, or reduced by dietary changes.  (This usually involves reducing caffeine intake, alcohol, and other unnecessary fluids)  In addition, accidental urine loss can be minimized with the assistance of high-end disposable undergarments.  There are bed pads, diapers, underwear (for both men and women) and many other products that are comfortable and absorbent.  These products absorb the urine and may also contain the smell, though odor sprays can also help in this regard. 

For more information on medical care and care giving, look up a trusted medical site.  Know in the meantime however, that there are medical supplies for cheap listed online.  Not all cheap medical supplies are actually made of cheap equipment.  Some fine quality undergarments and disposables are actually high quality items that are being sold at wholesale prices.  You can also look for deals on cheap or free shipping to get a better deal. 

In the end, it’s important that you confront the issue of urinary incontinence so that you can ensure the protection and the dignity of the sufferer.  There are plenty of resources that can help you out, and the more you learn about the condition, the better you will be able to deal with it.  Why not look for quality medical items at low prices today? 


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