Use PowerBroker for Virtualization to Mitigate Risk

More and more, companies and organizations are moving their IT enterprises from a physical platform to one of virtual components. Such migrations can cost significantly less and can add to the productivity and connectivity of your business. The unfortunate fact is, however, that such migrations can also open up your business or organization to new security threats, from both outside the system and within. These threats often arise when employees have greater access to IT enterprise resources than they need to do their jobs. Thus, mitigating the many dangers that are posed to virtual IT platforms means reigning in such employee privileges.

PowerBroker for virtualization gives administrators within your IT enterprise a tool that will efficiently restore the balance of IT privileges to your employees. With PowerBroker, it is possible to customize the level of access that each employee is granted, thus giving him or her exactly the level he or she needs to perform the job, and perform it well. Thus, an employee can be allowed to make routine changes to his or her computer workstation that will not require the intervention of IT personnel. An employee can, for example, install updates to spreadsheet software that will make his or her job easier and more efficient. At the same time, privileges can be set for the same employee that restricts access to valuable data, thus discouraging and preventing data theft. The introduction of outside threats such as malware and viruses is also greatly reduced. Because employees cannot download and install potentially dangerous software platforms, your IT enterprise is far better protected.

PowerBroker for virtualization allows such granting of permissions on a granular level, thus allowing for a great deal of customization. This is of utmost importance in the often complicated structures and hierarchies of virtual IT platforms. What is more, the individual identity management possible through PowerBroker for virtualization allows the IT department in your company or organization to keep track of all activity that occurs on any workstation in operation. Audit reports are available quickly and easily that show workstation activity down to the individual keystroke, making compliance and security far easier within the virtual platform.

With the large changes occurring within the IT enterprise environment, it is a nice thing to know that you have control over the threats that assail it from every side. Whether these threats come from outside the company or from the inside, you have the power to negate and reverse them.

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