What You Need To Start a Coin Collection

People all over the world collect things. You can collect baseball cards, stamps, paintings, knives, and all sorts of things. If there’s more than one of something, you can collect it. Collecting something is rewarding, exciting, and can be a good investment if you’re collecting the right thing. Something that’s always been a classic among collectors is coins. Coins are great as simply a collectible, and even better as an investment. You can hold on to them, enjoy them, and then sell them when the price of the metal is right. If you’re thinking about starting a coin collection, you’ll want to think about buying a few things first.

The first thing that you need for your coin collection is a price guide. It’s important to have one of these, and just as important to study it, before you go to the coin dealer. There are two really great price guides out there. The first is the “Red Book” and the second is the "Black Book", which is less expensive. You can pick up a copy of either of those two books at your local bookstore or coin dealer. You can find them both online as well. Both books will show you how much your coins are worth and when you know how much they’re worth, you’ll know how much you should and shouldn’t be spending.

Another handy tool to have when you’re starting a coin collection is a magnifying glass. These help protect your eyes because the print on coins is so small. Squinting is, of course, bad for your vision, so having a magnifying glass means that you don’t have to squint.

Perhaps the most important thing you need for your coin collection is a place to store them. This can come in the form of albums or folders. You simply slide your coins into them and they’re protected from scratches and dents. Coin tubes are another storage option for your coins because if you have more than one of the same coin, you can just slide the coins into the same tube.

Take your storage just a step further by purchasing a safe for your albums and folders. You can purchase a fire safe or a regular safe for them. Fire safes are really great because they keep your coins safe from not only the threat of theft, but they keep them safe from fire as well

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