Why You Should Join a Paintball Club

Why You Should Join a Paintball Club

Trying to find an honest paint ball supplier on your own is tough. Having connections to someone who participates in the sport will definitely help you find a top notch paintball vendor. Join a large pain ball club and you will have found your equipment source.

The lifelong friendships with people who share your passion for the paint ball sport are worth their weight in gold. The comradeship and advice the seasoned pro’s can offer the novice are worth you joining a top organization. Beginners trying to purchase their first paint ball weapons on their own can prove difficult. There is no need to worry, because your club most likely deals with a trustworthy paintball seller. In addition, they have the power to buy supplies in bulk. This means huge savings for you.

Joining a quality paint ball club also means you will be properly taught the federal regulations that govern paint ball. Equally important, you now have access to their supplier who is an expert in all areas of the paint ball industry. They know that all paint ball guns must display an orange tip at the end of the gun’s muzzle. Never buy a paint ball gun that is missing this orange tip, because you will be breaking a federal law if you do. A good club will also be well versed in all state and local ordinances. You are accountable; make sure you know the laws.

Naturally any top quality paint ball club will be concerned for its member’s safety. Their paintball supplier stocks only the best protective gear. You will need goggles, chest protection, and knee pads. In addition, it is important to only wear footwear that is specifically designed for paint ball activities. It is the responsibility of all club members to make sure everyone is properly protected. Nobody wants to turn the excitement of paint ball combat, into a needless tragedy. Think safety first.

To summarize, joining a paint ball club is full of benefits, especially for the newbie. You will meet new friends who share your gusto for the sport. Further, the money you will save from your club’s volume paint ball purchases is a huge benefit for each member. When you deal with the club’s supplier you are learning everything you need to know regarding paintball from industry experts. It is important that you know the laws that oversee paint ball. These regulations are in place to ensure everyone concerned is kept safe. A fun paint ball experience is an injury free event.